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Dunn and Burchill investment consultancy firm. We provide merger and acquisition advisory and strategic consulting services, and assist companies in obtaining financing through institutional placements of debt, mezzanine capital and equity. Our clients include both healthy and financially challenged businesses and individuals alike.



Dunn and Burchill is a professional wealth management company based in London and Tokyo. We have developed an enviable reputation for consistent, market-leading investments for our clients. We strive to exceed the high levels of client service, professionalism and commitment which our clients have come to expect from us. Dunn and Burchill has built its reputation as one of the industry’s leading investment companies on the results that it has shown clients.Personalized service and attention to detail sets us apart from our competition and provides the confidence that your needs are put first. We realise the importance of ethics when it comes to investing. We evaluate each product, asset class and market for any possible adverse effects on the economy or people prior to committing funds. We see ourselves as your ambassador to the investment market and take a conscientious view of what we do on your behalf.

Clients put their trust in Dunn and Burchill because they know our relationship is built for the long-term, not on transactions.

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